About Us

The cerebral cortex is your "grey matter", responsible for your attention span and perceptual awareness. 

The visual cortex is the part of your brain that processes information from the eye.

Cortex in Latin means shell or bark - a protective layer.

And that is what we do:

  • Think smart
  • See clearly
  • Keep you safe


Our Management Teams has over 100 years in security across a majority of sectors and won national recognition with BSIA awards.

We underpin our knowledge with the highest level of accreditations, robust Quality Management, innovative use of technology and training of our staff.


Our Guarantee/Mission statement:

Whenever you face a challenge, you can rely on Cortex to find you the right solution.

You will benefit from the most talented people and the most advanced systems, technologies and communications. Cortex will continuously seek to innovise our service to offer unparralled levels of support and value

We recognise that how we operate both reflects and affects our Clients, our Industry, our Community and our Environment. We will continuously assess our performance and ensure that all employees, at every level, are empowered to provide a positive experience to stakeholders.


Bringing you the latest innovations

Let’s be frank. Gadgetry, used correctly, makes a huge difference to your security. But gadgetry, just for the sake of it, is a drain on your resources and a waste of everybody’s time.

At Cortex, we know how to help your company get the most from innovative technology. Indeed, we see ourselves as industry leaders in this field. 


We are the first security company in the UK to offer a revolutionary patrol and lone worker system to combine Near Field Communication (NFC) tagging of patrol points, Push to Talk (PTT) lone worker safety with GPS tracking and web-mapping to enable the display of patrols over-laid onto satellite maps. 

Proactive guard management systems allows you to monitor every hour of our service delivery.

Comprehensive report systems available to validate our service.

GSM Communications package is included on all contracts providing communications regardless of the availability of fixed landlines. 

Our CCTV and electronic security measures provide tamper-proof, reliable images and protection. We specialise in the provision of innovative power supply solutions where supply is not available 24 hours.


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